We are One Manassas

  "Individual commitment to a group effort -  that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work" - Vince Lombardi.

Teamwork lessons were learned early in life playing sports.  These lessons were solidified serving the Marine Corps. In college the study of history, economics, culture and people reinforced my life experiences.  Little did I know that these skills and formal education would serve me so well in the chaotic world that is the High Tech Telecommunications Industry.  Managing complex projects and coordinating with hundreds of global stakeholders became a career.  The key to a successful outcome is to make sure we have a clear objective, work to identify and include all stakeholders, then execute our strategies.   Finally we manage, adapt and improve on our work to make sure we meet the objectives.

We all want amazing schools, safe streets, a cohesive community and prosperity.  Although these goals seems daunting we can get there by working as a team.   As city council, I will collaborate with City Staff, School Board, Teachers, Community Leaders and Citizens to ensure we all understand the objectives and seize opportunities to make Manassas the model city that others aspire to be.  #OneManassas!

Support our Schools -

Help improve our school ratings by supporting our teachers and address issues such a overcrowding, safety, community outreach and communications.  Work with private organizations to Make community outreach a top priority,

Economic Development –

Attract new high paying jobs to the immediate area.  Manassas is in the epicenter of one of the world’s largest high-tech corridors yet we are not competing for corporations that are landing in the immediate surrounding area, i.e., just to the North and South.  Work with Prince William County to jointly compete and attract these companies to our front yard.

Preserve our Rich History –

Preserve and secure our city’s rich history while creating practices for justifiable and responsible community growth.  Work with city staff and council to develop a plan for a sustainable competitive tax rate. Lower personal, property and food tax while growing home and business value.